Flying Point

by Newfoundman

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With ambient vocals that weave in and out of mellow acoustic pop instrumentals, singer-songwriter Newfoundman’s first album Flying Point is a vivid journey into the unknown, chronicled through sound. The album begins with the subtle, contemplative instrumentals of “Mornings” before lifting off into the title track - an anthem of empowerment - then winding its way through musings on purpose in “January” and mysterious dreams in “Yellow Walls.” By the time the final track “Lakes, Epilogue” rolls around, the questions posed in these songs are perhaps more thoroughly explored, but no better answered — suggesting that more journeys will follow, for both Newfoundman and his listeners alike.

Blow Up Radio:
"Newfoundman's album, "Flying Point" is magical. The mellow, yet peppy, acoustic-pop music blends effortlessly w/ Avery's voice"

Amazon Listener Review:
"Newfoundman has the perfect balance between instrumental and vocal lines that weave in and out of each other so seamlessly, it almost seems like a crime to pause mid-track"


released July 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Newfoundman New Brunswick, New Jersey

Thrown By This Eastern Wind EP out now

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Track Name: Flying Point
Carry the weight
Some abstract notion that you were
Caught in this rain
Subtle and selfishly tied to yourself

Measuring time
By the dwindling light of a cigarette, you
Swallowed me whole
Through the roundness of a cry for loss of love

I washed ashore
Stumbling lines on a couple hours’ sleep
I marched out in
The morning dew on your coffee stained teeth

This winter’s way too long now
To find a summer in its wake

I know if all else fails
At least the world is still bigger than you

You missed your bus
Purity in the essence of
October skies
And mumbling lies into the depths of honest nights

And when the morning comes around
We bask in all the damage and we dance

To rhythms lying right from the start
And cryptically you carry on

The flying point
The children leaping from the rocks into the blue
The foggy night
The whispers of your name upon the wind
Track Name: The Lonely and the Loved
Honest nights when we thought we could just keep driving on
Down the straights of narrow roads along this past
And and ocean just as blue as silent wailings now
As you’re cutting off your hair to make this last

You were running through the lonely and the loved just trying
Just gasping for some air through smoke and shame
And in the weakness of some wondering of options now
You are carried through the meadows of this plane

You went searching all about through this summer air
As if this silence was meant to be shared

You were drinking up the rain like some elixir now
Bearing memories of just beneath the snow
And there are rooms and boxes, pipes of some illusion and
They’re a weakness that you never thought you’d know

You went searching all about through this summer air
As if this silence was meant to be shared

What if you never see the sorrows of a dream deferred
And what if I never see the light around your silhouette tonight

You went searching all about through this summer air
As if the killers were meant to care
Track Name: Strange Parade
Bringing back the days when gazers cried
You were never off my mind
Were there reasons that I dressed for a part of this mess?
and as you work on through the night
I have to think you’d like to sleep

as you ease into another dream of flight
I could drown in dreams of cities on my mind

This is red birds guiding you at dawn
when you’ve forgotten where to go
And this is just goodbye and not so long
I’ll see you in the spring, I know

Burning candles hanging from the sky (it’s just how we fly)

Strapping on our wings upon the beach
I have to think that I could reach
a distant shore before the moon, another reminder of you
between the drying of the docks
and that mist and nighttime fog

so as you ease into another dream of love
I could drown in all your tears and fragile heart

This is red birds guiding you at dawn
when you’ve forgotten where to go
And this is just a story I dreamed up
between the rain and then the fog

Burning your name deep into my skin (it’s just how it’s been)

so as you ease onto the screen after the light
I could hold you through the love and through the fight

but now this is fragile wings and softer skin
melted by the sun and wind
better names for this than lust, what excuse could I think up?
for seeing you again next year
between the voyage and the fear

Kicks of dreaming of your touch, cause you’re known as such
Track Name: Gemstones
What do you whisper of at night?
Oh does it ever have to end?
When all your roaring is just from the river
and you’re stuck at the bend

In the quiet of the quarrels
Where should a soul just learn to fly?
When your crying is just by the gemstones
you kept by your side

And your savior is on the horizon
lost among a flock of birds
And your music was sung from the mountains
but no one was heard

Lord knows your songs were never heard

How many moons have passed now
Since they passed us in between?
When the singers of silence and shunning
are not what they seem

And how many crimes of crying
have you committed now my friend?
In your buckets of gemstones and diamonds
you’ve just cut your hand

And your lover is just by the river
lost amongst the leaves in the stream
and their voices were calling for brothers
just lost in a dream

Lord knows you’re lost in a dream
Track Name: Rustic Red
So I hope someday that we’ll both call it what it is
and then I’ll stop this errant knocking on your door

and I hope the birds are strong enough
to carry you away when you’re stranded on the moor

and when the ocean ushers you away
rustic red, I saw your face
in a dream and then I fell

And I said so long to old regrets
that streaked your silhouette and built a tower by the sea

to keep you safe from rising tides
to world’s end and crying skies and charming lies we tell for free

and when the lightning strikes your hair
fire red and summer air
you know it makes me cry

and when the ocean carries you away
crumbling houses on the plain
I hope it makes you smile
Track Name: Wishing Well
Born in the spring
and I’d never seen a brighter Sunday
Scraped my knees
on the stones leading up the trail
You would say
that there’d never be no harm that’d come my way

And I know that I’ll never be
half the things you wanted from me
now that it’s time for us to part
this is how we start

seven years ago
I packed by bags and stuffed my pillow
case with my dreams
to brighten summer nights as stormy
as my temper
flaring as the waves came crashing down

And I know that as days go by
I think back to when I was just a child
Spring time with you again
When it’s time for my absence to end
So until then, my friend

Born in the spring
and I’d never seen a brighter Sunday
Threw my change
in the wishing well to drown my sorrow
Singed my skin
in the fire place where my Decembers burned
this is how we learn.
Track Name: Lakes, Epilogue
Where are promises and I’ll be a door
Take me to the lakes
And I’ll raise you up and take you on
Lift me as I run
Into the dark night and leaving home...

I can’t return to you
Say you never wanted me to (roll it up)
I can’t help myself
Searching for divinity’s help (falling out)

The sight of you
When I’m on my knees and begging
Put me to sleep
These are lies we cannot keep
Cannot keep, even if we try

I can’t return to you
Say you never wanted me to (roll it up)
I can’t help myself
Searching for divinity’s help (falling out)

I can’t tell the truth
dreaming up the greatest excuse (singing out)
if I can’t run away
I’ll save you for another day (losing out)

I can’t tell what’s wrong
belting out a heavenly song (crying out)
I can’t return to you
don't know what else I can do

So we go…
From the lakes, to the low
It’s about the maxim
Of firing on…
steadfast and strong